Together with you, we take the location into consideration and provide you with an offer that will cover all your cleaning and cleanliness requirements.


Your work is done after the building is made, now it needs an experienced cleaning professionals, which gives the finishing touch and makes the new building shine in all its glory. Wast of  construction and conventional impurities are purposefully and effectively removed by our team, so that nothing stands in the way of acceptance.
Our experienced cleaning professionals garantee the quality control after successful service and thus ensure your satisfaction.



Together with you we define the total extent of necessary cleaning services according to your personal needs and requirements. Thus, with our experienced Premium Clean team, we ensure permanent and long-term cleanliness as part of our services in the cleaning of buildings. Use this opportunity to make your building radiantly beautiful in the long term and to preserve the value of it, as best as possible.
We put everything to your satisfaction. Arrange today your personal consultation appointment directly on site.


In the area of facility management, we focus on regular cleaning and overall support of the premises at your location. Thus, we ensure the cleanliness in all necessary areas and take over the production of floors, windows, frequently used spaces and claimed furnishing elements. The material care is a special need which we pursue with our team and assure the satisfaction of our customers.


Maintenance cleaning ensures value retention

Our cleaning institute has set itself the task to provide services for purity and value retention of real estate, for both companies and individuals with a first-class quality.

At the same time, the Premium Clean team completely covers the entire cleaning spectrum, thus enabling us to find the right offer for you. We will gladly advise you on site and provide you with an individual and tailor-made offer. Ask us today!

Through our many years of industry experience, we have developed a concept that excludes the use of generalized offers and quotations, and therefore also the billing of unnecessary additional expenses at your expense. This way, our customers receive an individual service package that is perfectly matched to their requirements and guarantee the best price at the same time. This assures us long-term satisfied customers and long-term market success.