Experienced entrepreneurs have long been aware of the importance and impact of clean jobs for employees. Studies also show that cleanliness and purity in professional life contribute significantly to satisfaction and motivation, and that it is able to significantly increase the level of motivation. It is not only a superficial cleaning necessary, but also a deep cleaning against bacterial contamination, which are of course increased in larger crowds. In addition, we guarantee absolute discretion by our experienced staff on on-site documents and company property.

Test this Premium Clean service today and experience the effect of a professional cleaning yourself.




Especially for working people or families, the regular cleaning and maintenance of their own living space usually presents a big problem. As cleaning professionals, we know about the time required for a perfect cleaning and understand that you do not want to spend your own free time with home cleaning in addition to stressful everyday life. Let us advise you on the possibilities and take advantage of your free time to relax.

How we offer the perfect service:

  • We clean while you work
  • We also clean where you always lack the time
  • What we clean becomes streak-free and hygienically pure




The focus should be primarily on the value retention of the property, which often results from improper use or lack of control of the co-owners or users. Precisely for this reason and to protect your interests, we provide you with an experienced team in the field of home maintenance, to ensure your goals locally and to ensure long-term satisfaction of owners and landlords. Of course we take over the service in all areas, in and around the building, in order to achieve a high quality performance overall.

We clean:

  • Complete interior areas
  • Outdoor facilities and parking levels
  • Big businesses
  • Public institutes
  • Production areas
  • Facilities



With the many years of industry experience of our team and the premise of regular training of our employees on the latest cleaning technologies and methods, we are at your disposal for demanding and unconventional cleaning services. It requires a detailed clarification, so that we can guarantee you the best quality for a reasonable price.

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We look forward to meeting you. In any case, we ensure perfect purity!




We ensure the perfect well-being in your living space through a regular and effective cleaning, without you having to sacrifice your entire free time. We clean, while you are working, then when you came home it already shines in its best. Familiar cleanliness of the Premium Clean. Convince yourself, like many others before you, of the quality of our services and the reliability of our employees. We look forward to meeting you.

  • For your satisfaction we clean:
  • Windows and blinds
  • Floors and outdoor areas
  • Annual basic cleaning
  • Furniture and Interior



Ecological cleaning for green energy – this is what we are doing in solar cleaning and it will also be of benefit to you. Because the cleanliness of the individual panels does not only make the entire system shine in a new light but is particularly noticeable in the subsequent restoration of the original efficiency.

By eliminating weather and environmental contaminants, your system will be able to deliver full performance and ensure the highest level of green energy production.

Inquire today about measures and conditions – we would be pleased.